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6 Topnotch Swimming Pool Games to Seize the Day

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When we plan a trip to the swimming pool, one always puts into mind the thought of how gratifying the experience is. Just getting to feel the sensation of being bathed in those pristine waters is simply golden and something to look forward to. As summer is fast approaching, with it comes the sun. What better way to the spend your summer day than be in the pool and play swimming pool games with family and friends. So, we list down six great ideas on how to spend your time in the pool with swimming pool games as you try to seize the day.

topnotch swimming pool games

1. Chicken Fight

To the common ear, when you hear about the word Chicken Fight it may ring a familiar bell. Have you ever watched how chicken fight? You then try to visualize how it’s done. But to the avid pool goer, chicken fight is one of the most common swimming pool games played in the pool and it’s a sure delight. This is a game usually played by older children and adults. Even your parents may love to play this game.

The game simply makes you ride on someone’s shoulder, preferably a male while you try to joust it out with someone else. The aim is to push someone off from the support of a person’s shoulder and down into the water. You can go all out like a chicken as long as you plead no harm. You just have to make sure that the person opposite you will go kiss the water first before you.

Chicken Fight- Swimming Pool Games
Chicken Fight

 2. The Treasure Hunt

Just like what the name stands for in real life, you simply dive into the depths of the water and seek for some treasure. In this game, treasure comes in the form of a coin. As the coin is tossed into the water, you and your crew can go dive off in the water and race like it’s the California Gold Rush all over again.

You just simply race to find the coin resting in the depths of the pool. Just like a true scavver, the first one to the coin wins. Well, bringing out that inner scavenger in you ain’t that bad at all.

The Treasure Hunt- Swimming Pool Games
The Treasure Hunt

3. The Invisible Bottle

The Invisible Bottle is another game simply made for the pool that it’s almost like a match made in heaven. You just simply have to fill a clear bottle full of water and cap it with its lid after. Preferably the lid would be of the same color as the tiles of the pool in order to make the game a lot more challenging. The sizes of the bottles don’t matter as long as they sink deep.

You just have to make your crew line up on one end of the pool and look away as you throw the bottle in the pool. As soon as the bottle goes splash splash, your mates are in for a race of the lives. They just have to dive it out and seek for the camouflaged bottle sunk deep in the pool. It’s like being in a jungle seeking for that itsy bitsy sneaky gecko.

The Invisible Bottle- Swimming Pool Games
The Invisible Bottle

4. One-for-all Pool Dodgeball

This game is similar with dodgeball in a manner that you throw a rubber ball intentionally with the intention of hitting someone. On the other end, you simply run like a crazed fool running for his life as you try to dodge the ball thrown back at you.

Teams need not to exist as it’s each man for himself. The more involved, simply the merrier. Just imagine the jubilation of getting a hit off someone who spiked you earlier. Ah, what sweet revenge.

One-for-all Pool Dodgeball- Swimming Pool Games
One-for-all Pool Dodgeball

5. Jump ‘n Splash

This one is a contest about who can make the biggest splash after jumping in the water. If we take physics into account of course, the greater the mass = the greater the splash. So, obviously the heavier your friend is, the better advantage he has and you’re better off just pleading for a no contest.

Joking aside; to level the playing field, it’s much better if the weight of your lads who want to compete are within close proximity of one another. This way, there’s more room for creativity as you try to make adjustments to your stance and style as you maneuver your jumping to make the biggest splash. Just add a diving board and voila, game set and splash!

Jump 'n Splash- Swimming Pool Games
Jump ‘n Splash

6. Shark and Minnows

Shark and Minnows is a game of many different variations. It’s actually even a variation from the game of tag and your version of Sharks may even differ from this one. In this game, you and your crew simply pick a shark preferably the mate who swims like one and tag him as “it” while the rest of the crew become minnows or simply shark food. If possible, there should be more minnows than sharks in order to make the game more exhilarating.

Once the shark is chosen, he positions himself in the middle of the pool waiting while the rest of you & your fancy lads position yourselves in a line at one end of the pool. Once the shark yells “fishy, fishy, cross my ocean”, your crew of minnows begin to make your way into the pool and try to cross to the other side. Once the shark yells “shark attack”, then and there all hell shall break loose as you and your crew try to dash it to the other side without being tagged by the shark.

If you want a challenge, you may even swim your way out of it. Each minnow that is tagged becomes a shark. Only then shall the last minnow standing shall be crowned as champion and becomes the new shark the next round.

Shark and Minnows- Swimming Pool Games
Shark and Minnows

Create Your Own Swimming Pool Games

These are just few of the many swimming pool games you can try while having fun with your family and friends in the pool. You can modify these games to suit your preference and to ensure that it is delightful for everyone. Be creative! Create your own unique and fun games. If you already have original swimming pool games that you love, share it to us in the comments below. I’m sure other family pool owners would love to try them out too!

On top of these, always follow pool safety guidelines and make sure to keep an eye out on your kids. And at the end of the day, keep the pools clean by calling Mr. Robotic Pool Cleaner to save the day.


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