Aquabot Breeze XLS REVIEW

Aquabot Breeze XLS

Aquabot Breeze XLS







Water Mixing





  • For Above-Ground & Small In-Ground Pools
  • Power Washing Jets
  • Comes with a Swivel - to prevent cable tangling -NEW for 2015
  • Large Debris Baskets
  • Fixed Scrubbing Brushes loosen up stubborn dirt and debris.


  • Old version lacks swivel head feature
  • Gets stuck in curved surfaces
  • Struggles to climb walls
  • Needs foam to become more buoyant
  • Unable to climb steps

Aquabot is one of the trusted robotic pool cleaner companies and it has once again delivered a remarkable product in Aquabot Breeze XLS. There are two versions of this model and both versions look identical to each other.

The new 2015 version is apparent when a swivel head feature is present. The most loved feature and top reason why customers choose Breeze XLS is that it has two filter baskets that are very accessible and easy to view.

The filter baskets are large which means there’s no need for frequent emptying between cycles. It has a see-through design to make it easier to determine if the baskets are already full. It also features fixed agitating brushes that effectively scrubs loosen rubbish and dirt to ensure maximum cleaning.

Whether your pool is in-ground or above-ground, Aquabot Breeze XLS is designed for both. It is also ideal for pools with gunite floor, however it also works best in vinyl, fibreglass, and tile.

There were issues raised in the older version that has now been addressed and corrected in the new version. The most obvious determinant in the new version is the swivel head. The cord kept on being tangled for the old version and customers usually complain about it.

The older version has poor cleaning capability of dirt found in pool sides and corners. The new version has been installed with linear jet and micro filters that help break down debris for easy scrubbing of stuck dirt.

The robotic cleaner has the ability to climb walls; however that is not always the case. It seems to struggle climbing walls especially on deep pools. This makes it difficult for the robotic cleaner to reach the surface of the pool.

It is suggested to place foam around it to give to increase its buoyancy and helps its climb to the top.

    Aquabot Breeze XLS

Key Features & Performance
Product/Pool Features:
For Above-Ground & Small In-Ground Pools
Shape: Rectangle, Lap, Kidney, L-Shape, Round, Oval
Surfaces: Vinyl, Gunite/Concrete, Fiberglass, Tile
Pool to Wall Transition: Curved
Equipped with Hydro-Robotic Technology
Comes with a Swivel – to prevent cable tangling -NEW for 2015
Input Electrical Requirements:
120 VAC/60Hz
Power Consumption: 150 Watts
Cable Length: 60′
Power Washing Jets
Fixed Scrubbing Brushes
Cleans: Pool Floor, Cove and
Wall with *Radius (minimum 6″)
Never Stuck System
1 & 2 hour timer settings
Water Mixing Capability
80 Gallons per Minute
Filter Type
Top Loading
Added Fine Filter Insert to help filter down to 2 microns
2 Years, 1st year 100%,
2nd year limited

Aquabot Breeze XLS   Aquabot Breeze XLS 2 Aquabot Breeze XLS 3

Aquabot Breeze XLS Video

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