Aquabot Turbo T2 REVIEW

Auabot Turbo T2

Auabot Turbo T2







Water Mixing





  • Power Washing Feature
  • 90% more energy efficient
  • No missed spots
  • Amazing super-fast speed
  • Just plug in


  • A bit expensive
  • Debris may get stuck in scrubbers

The Aquabot Turbo T2 pool cleaner operates microprocessor technology to pilot it and clean any pool up until 50 feet long. It is designed to clean both the pool floors and the walls to the waterline. Turbo T2 is easy to maintain since it does not have a lot of loose, moving parts.

On top of that, the Aquabot Turbo T2 micromanages the maintenance of your pool, providing you more time to enjoy life. Just within an hour or even less, you can start lessening your total expenses by up to half percent. Furthermore, it protects your family, friends and clients with the healthiest swimming pool environment.


It cleanses any kind of pool regardless of its shape, size or texture without having to help during cleaning. Aquabot T2 turbo turns out to be the fastest residential Aqaubot cleaner for cleaning an entire pool. It has the power required to reach all the surfaces from bottom to right up to the water line on all sides of the pool.

The incorporated large scrub brushes are amazing in removing all debris and dirt from the pool surface. It is patterned to climb a 90-degree angle and maps the entire surface of the pool within an hour.

The Turbo T2 also comprises a very large 19-quart reusable filter bag that gathers all the dirt and debris that is released from the walls and bottom of the pool.

Do you have to connect the Aquabot Turbo T2 to the swimming pool pump?

Fortunately, NOT! The Turbo T2 works with no hoses, no hookups, no booster pumps or suction lines. Just simply have to put in the water, let it operate and that’s it! The pool gets cleaned automatically in no time!

How possible is this?

The Aquabot Turbo T2 has its own internal pump motor. Thus, it does not need any external pump system in order to clean the pool. Just drop your Aquabot Turbo T2 into the pool and just press a button. That easy!


  • While the Turbo T2 is in operation, it will filter the water at the same time.
  • It’s a user-friendly tool. The operation is just simple which makes it a good choice for people who prefer not to use bundles of hose connections.
  • Filter bag for unnecessary debris are reusable.
  • Has an extra long power cord specifically 61 feet long, buoyant enough that is made of long-lasting thermoplastic rubber that will not degenerate by chlorine.
  • Regardless of the really high price tag, pool owners are still attracted due to its great speed.


  • First drawback is the maintenance of the cleaner. This leads to considerable amount of repair costs. The machine itself is not cheap after all.
  • Repair cost could probably be the major reason why it did get a number of poor ratings that lowered its average rating. So when you purchase the machine, make sure to take care of it especially when it’s already out of warranty.
  • Small bits of debris tend to get stuck to the scrubbers.
  • Some may contend that it’s a bit expensive, but why bid on cheaper ones which you know on the very first place will last for a few months.


Aquabot Turbo T2 may be expensive but this is a guaranteed one-time investment since the tool comes in complete package that is definitely worth the price. Pool owners love Aquabot Turbo T2 for delivering excellent quality performance that stands out among the rest of robotic pool cleaners in the market. What you get is unquestionably what you pay for.

Aquabot Turbo T2

Key Features & Performance
Product/Pool Features:
For Inground Pools
Shape: Rectangle, Lap, Kidney, L-Shape, Round, Oval
Surfaces: Vinyl, Gunite/Concrete, Fiberglass. Except Tile
Pool to Wall Transition: 90 Degree Angle
Electrical Requirements: 120VAC / 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 230W
Dimensions: 21"x 19"x 23"
Shipping Weight: 46 lbs
Cable Length: 60'
Power Washing Feature
Floor, Wall, and Waterline
NeverStuck™ System
1-7 Hour Digital Timer
Cleaning Time: 1 Hour
Water Mixing Capability
75 Gallons Per Minute
Filter Type
Fine Bag (2 Microns)
Bottom Loading
3 Year (1st Year 100%, 2nd & 3rd Year Limited)
Entire pool cleaning in as little as 1 hour
No missed spots trying to ‘learn’ pool miscalculating pool’s
unique angles / curves
Self-contained independence; Just plug in
No hoses, pool filter or booster pump
Energy, water, chemicals and time savings
More than 90% more energy efficient than other cleaners
Savings pay for pool’s yearly maintenance expenses in just

Aquabot Turbo T2 4 Aquabot Turbo T2 3 Aquabot Turbo T2 2


  1. krzjaz says:







    Water Mixing




    Aquabot requires frequent maintenance and is costly in parts and labor. Expect to replace rollers, bushings, belts, and more at a cost of about $50 to $120 each year. When ( not if ) the drive motor goes that’s another $336. or more in just parts, when the pump goes that costs $216. in just parts. Every 2nd or 3rd year expect to dump in another $200. to $300 in parts, not including labor.
    I purchased my Auquabot T4 RC December of 2008 as a gift, it was opened and used for the first time spring of 2009 and did not work. It climbed up the walls, flipped over, and landed on its back. I call Auquabot and was sent foam floats, the problem was not as bad, but then it started going sideways horizontally around the pool at the top. I called again and received another float for the top bar. After that the Aquabot got stuck over and over on the main drain, I called and was told to add black plastic pieces that were shipped out. I put those on and it still got stuck on the main drain. The unit will without warning start spinning in circles and tangles itself up on the cord; it takes an hour to untangle it. It was shipped back to Aquabot and to Pool Cleaner Services as directed by Aquabot (at my expense!) . This cleaner is still not following its program, still flips, and without warning will start spinning like a top in circles ruining then eating its cord! This was only used in 2009 unsuccessfully and now in 2010 the same problems are occurring. I followed all the directions and added all the parts were we given to no avail. This unit has not worked properly from day one and has the same problems over and over again!
    After many more problems they told me it was “radio frequency interference” and not their robot or r/c and it would never work right, they replaced it with a “refurbished” T2, mind you I paid over $1,493. for the T4 and now I have a T2 at the cost $950, a $450. difference. The T2 still has so many problems, the drive motor again, that costs about $336. If you consider we only use it 3 months a year or less, and this is the second aquabot, you can expect it to last about 2 years before the repair bill kills you. I wish I never gave up my dolphin, I gave it up because it got stuck on the main drain, but even though aquabot says theirs wont get caught of Drain, it does.

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