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20 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners for 2018

20 best robotic pool cleaners for 2018

It’s the time of the year where we list the Top 20 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners for 2018. All these pool cleaners are out in the market but if you are still having a hard time choosing the right pool cleaner for this year, whether you are a new user or just want an upgrade, …

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Importance of Robotic Pool Cleaners To You

family robotic pool cleaner

Owning a swimming pool is pretty neat. It’s an amusing place to have fun, where people regardless of their age can get together playing, chatting, and relaxing with family and friends. Pools yield sweet escape from the everyday tension and difficulties in life and it beautifies the appearance of houses. However, it requires regular maintenance so …

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Find Out Why Swimming Help Lose Weight

Swimming help lose weight

When one thinks about shedding weight or getting fit, swimming is typically not the first workout that comes to mind. Usually, going to the gym or jogging is the go to work out for most people. This train of thought is to be expected as most of us make the choices with a strong consideration …

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Pets in Pools: Hilarious or Hazardous?

A Bond that Stood Through Time                                                                                 Animal companionship has been a concept that has existed …

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Swimming Pool Chlorine: Help or Harm?

How it got into Your Swimming Pool Pool chlorine is the main disinfectant for our pools used around the world. But what really is Chlorine? Chlorine or as known by its chemical symbol of Cl, is a chemical widely manufactured around the world mainly for its multitude of applications in different products. It was first …

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6 Topnotch Swimming Pool Games to Seize the Day

topnotch swimming pool games

When we plan a trip to the swimming pool, one always puts into mind the thought of how gratifying the experience is. Just getting to feel the sensation of being bathed in those pristine waters is simply golden and something to look forward to. As summer is fast approaching, with it comes the sun. What better …

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Your Swimming Pool: How to get The Most of It

Swimming Pool Uses

Having your own swimming pool opens a lot of options as to the choices of activities that can be done. Even if you don’t own one, as long as you are in one, you are possibly in for quite the day. With a lot of options to choose from, cited below are some tips on …

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4 Steps to Follow When Your Swimming Pool PVC Pipes Leak

PVC pipes leak

Are your swimming pool PVC pipes leaking? Are you looking for ways on how to fix this troublesome problem? Don’t panic. The following steps provide you ways and options on how to fix PVC pipe leaks. Assess where the source of the drip is located For any problems concerning your pool PVC pipes, tracing the source …

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Why is Swimming Pool Sanitation Important?

why is swimming pool sanitation important

Swimming pool sanitation refers to the process of keeping the swimming pool free from dirt, pathogens, and chemicals. It is needed to maintain the clarity of the water and to avoid the spread of diseases. Swimming pool is a great place for leisure, relaxation, and bonding with our loved ones. It is a perfect venue …

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Diseases from Dirty Pool Water: A Threat in the Nigh

diseases from dirty pool water

Cleaning dirty pools nowadays has transformed into a challenging & complex task indeed. Thus, educating the public regarding the reality and the apparent diseases from dirty pool water has never been more vital than ever for even in ignorance, no man/woman regardless of character is exempt from these consequences. Pool water in its plain naiveté …

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