Author: Zyra S

4 Brilliant but Cheap Swimming Pool Heaters

cheap swimming pool heaters

Why is it important to heat our pools, and are there cheap swimming pool heaters? We want to enjoy our pools as much as we can and it’s just not fun swimming when the water is freezing cold especially during winter. Weather is uncontrollable and retaining your pool’s temperature just right is a matter of …

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Safety Pool Guides For Kids

Swimming is the best way to encourage kids to a healthy level of physical and social activity. Help them promote an active lifestyle all year long especially in today’s modern world where children are more exposed to tabs, computers, and smart phones, to mention a few, than outdoor recreations. For many families, drowning is a …

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How To Get Rid Of Algae In Pools?

how to get rid of algae

A well-maintained pool can be the asset of your backyard. It can be the highlight of fun and centerpiece of all activities. However, this requires big responsibility to maintain it’s healthy benefit. Occasionally pools develop unavoidable water problems, algae are one of which. So how do we get rid of algae, the pest kings of …

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Automatic Pool Covers

The automatic pool cover has come a long way in recent years. From hand crank models to fully electronic, key-operated systems, today’s automatic pool covers are more reliable, durable, and safer than ever before. Having an automatic pool cover is an additional layer of protection around a pool – like a horizontal fence! In the …

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