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Dear pool owners,

  •  Are you tired of cleaning your own pool manually each week?
  • Have you had enough of all the scrubbing that it would be nice if you can trust something to help clean the pool for you?
  • Do you just want to enjoy the glory of your pool without even worrying how to clean it afterwards?

If all your answers is a big YES, and you are looking for a solution to your problem, then today must be your day. You have landed in a page that will give you the answer to your prayers.


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Robotic pool cleaners work in a simple way. These machines will make certain that your pools are dirt-free while you are enjoying your margaritas at the pool side. However, these are a complex devices as well. It uses an advanced pool cleaning technology in collecting the finest to large-pieced pollutants and scrubbing away the tiniest of microorganisms.

What makes it more awesome is that it can ascend and descend on pool steps, climb pool walls, and even rise to pool surface to give you optimum pool cleaning performance.

  • Not yet impressed with  these cool features of robotic pool cleaners?

That is where we come in!

Who are We?

The BRPC Team is an independent group that features the BEST ROBOTIC POOL CLEANERS based on our knowledge, user reviews, and experiences to give you the most vital information you need before, during, and after purchasing robotic pool cleaners.

Pools are like humans as well. They have different characteristics, different personalities, and of course, different needs!

Your pool might have a specific need and you would know which is the best robotic pool cleaner that best fits your need.

This site is dedicated to provide you with all the necessary information you need in choosing the best robotic pool cleaners.

If you are one among the growing population who already owns one, you will learn from this website how to fully optimize the use of robotic pool cleaners. You will explore how it works, how to install, how to use it, and how to maintain its good quality.

You will also find the different types of robotic pool cleaners from the top companies and we give the most honest and frank reviews.

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