Davey PoolSweepa Floorcova REVIEW

Davey PoolSweepa Floorcova

Davey PoolSweepa Floorcova







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  • Digital switch power supply for long term drive control
  • Long-lasting PVC brushes
  • Has hinge on cables preventing from jumbling
  • Motor protection mechanism
  • Requires no connection to pool systems


  • Does not clean pools that are patterned L-cove
  • Does not climb walls

Poolsweepa Floorcova is a reliable, handy and profitable robotic pool cleaning. It provides modern sanitation machinery, durable performance, and easy maintenance. It is manufactured by Davey Water Products.

Davey Poolsweepa Floorcova necessitates no connection to pool filtration systems. It is small, light and accessible when it comes to hand gripping the tool.



Poolsweepa florcova is appropriate for pools specifically in-ground scoping up to 10m or less in length. The tool has the capability to purify the entire pool floor however it does not clean pools that are patterned L-cove.

The machinery comprises of a large capacity filter bag that collects all unwanted scraps and germination of algae and bacteria which makes the pool filthy. It also has a hinge for the cable to stop from entwining.

It works for around 3 to 4 hours. Yes, I know that could be a bit of a long wait but the wait is so much worth it compared to manual pool cleaning. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry monitoring and waiting for long hours since it automatically shuts off at the end of every cycle time.

Into the bargain, the PoolSweepa Floorcova is also incorporated in the motor protection mechanism. This specialized motor protection protects against electrical faults such as overloading. This can interrupt any electrical fault that is over its breaking capacity. Absolutely amazing.

How to remove Davey PoolSweepa Floorcova from the pool?

As mentioned earlier, the cleaner automatically shuts off at the end of its cleaning cycle. For precautionary measure, turn off and unplug the power supply first. I would also recommend you to remove the cleaner from the pool when not in use especially when super chlorination is executed.


  • Has digital switch power supply for long term drive control
  • Has long-lasting PVC brushes
  • Has hinge on cables preventing from jumbling
  • Has a motor protection mechanism that breaks any electrical fault when its overload or out of the water.
  • Requires no connection to pool systems
  • 2 years warranty
  • The low voltage which means low energy consumption


  • It does not clean pools that are patterned L-cove.
  • it does not climb walls


You can’t just go and leave a Davey pool cleaner. Its reliability and efficiency are the reason why their products are exported to over 50 countries making them as one of the best known robotic pool cleaners in the world. PoolSweepa Floorcova is just one of the product that people trust. It’s cheap, but it’s dependable. So if you want to acquire a relaxing pool, you can always depend on DAVEYS POOLSWEEPA FLOORCOVA!


 Davey PoolSweepa Floorcova


Key Features & Performance
Davey PoolSweepa Floorcova Features and Benefits:
Suitable for pools up to 10m in length
Cleans entire pool floor and L-cove
Durable PVC bushes
Digital switch mode power supply for long term drive control and lower
running costs
Filter bag – large capacity and fine filtration
Obstacle escape capability
Swivel on cable prevents tangling
Automatic shut off at end of cycle time
Motor protection mechanism in case of the pool cleaner being overloaded
Description: Floorcova robotic cleaner
Capabilities: Pool floor and cove
Suits Pool Type: Concrete, fibreglass pebblecrete and above ground pools
Maximum Pool Length: 10 metres
Operating Time: 3 hours
Wall Climbing: No
Remote Control: No
Cable length: 15m
Suction Rate: 16m3/h, 80-133 lpm

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