Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL REVIEW


Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL is claimed to be the fast and more efficient robotic pool cleaner on the market because of its exclusive AquaPilot technology.

This is a very affordable yet effective suction cleaner that removes all kinds of unnecessary debris, oils, algae, pebbles, and other contaminants from your pool surface.

On top of that, the robotic cleaner has the ability to move in a fixed series of right and left turns that dispense more rigorous coverage of your pool’s surfaces. You can now leave your pool worry free with the ultimate cleaning suction pool cleaner, Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL!

Best Features Introduced to Pool Vac Ultra XL

  • Quiet Operation

This device has a unique gearing which provides a quiet operation and gentle movement while operating across your pool.

  • AquaPilot Steering

This helps your cleaner drive the machine in an alternating pattern of right/left-hand turn making sure that your pool is efficiently cleaned.

  • High-flow Hose

It helps your robotic cleaner reduce hydraulic friction for systematic operation. Bags are no longer needed to empty or replace the robotic cleaner.

  • Vacuum Wings

A design which collects and gather large debris including pollen, leaves, sand, and pebbles.

  • Advanced Pod Propulsion

This specification eliminates to necessitate wheels and belt to guarantee constant performance and long lasting life span.

  • Adaptive Steering Assembly

This feature leads the hose as programmed steering drives the cleaner around the pool, thus preventing the hose to tangle.

  • Universal Cleaner

This pool cleaner is versatile in a way that it can clean and polish in-ground residential pools regardless of its types and this includes vinyl, gunite or tile and fiberglass type of pools.

  • Totally Hayward System

When you install your new Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL as part of Totally Hayward system, you will be guaranteed of full understanding that you have a complete Hayward system, purposely designed to work together for providing optimized automatic operation and the cleanest pool possible.


  • Enhanced vacuum wings designed to collect sand, twigs, leaves and pollen
  • Has a unique turbine system that supplies consistently balanced water flow for quiet operation and gradual movement across pool surfaces
  • Can be installed in just a matter of minutes without requiring extra tools
  • Recommended for any in-ground residential pools
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Integrated with Aquapilot advanced program ensuring an efficient and complete pool coverage for a cleaner and healthy pool.


  • Parts replacement could be expensive
  • Small objects have the tendency to jam up the robotic cleaner.


Hayward is being known for creating excellent robotic pool cleaners. From creating a device with AquaPilot steering that maneuver the cleaner in an alternating series of right and left-hand turns down to its silent operation will surely provide you an exceptional performance.

With these incorporated features, it will surely guarantee you that the machine will provide more years of gratifying performance, helping you keep your pool healthy, clean and pleasurable.

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