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Hayward SharkVac

Hayward SharkVac







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Hayward SharkVac

SharkVac by Hayward is a robotic pool cleaner purposely designed to clean pools that are 40 feet in length.  It’s the newest modernization to the TigerShark family. This machine offers the best way of cleaning pool wastes.


What I Love about Hayward SharkVac

This robotic pool cleaner has the capability of cleaning a pool regardless of its shape and size. It can work on vinyl, concrete, gunite, and fiberglass pools. It will scan and examine your pool to optimize its cleaning pattern resulting to a cleaner and more polished pool.

Filter cartridges can easily be removed without turning the machine upside down. Just simply open the top cover to remove the filter cartridge and just wash them using garden hose spray nozzle.

Moreover, it has a debris chamber good enough for a big pool. Thereby, you don’t need to clean your vacuum chamber from time to time.

It’s ready to use the machine the moment the package arrives in your home. You don’t need any tools, hose attachments nor a connection to your pool’s pump.

This has been so far the most economical pool cleaner to operate. The appliance has a power saver mode. This will help you save the consumption of the electricity and power to its optimum.

Energy consuming of this device can be compared with a light bulb. Thus, its energy efficient.

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What I Dislike About Hayward SharkVac

The downside is that the machine has a problem on gathering large debris such as leaves. It also does not climb walls unlike other robotic cleaners, even though it does surprisingly clean the pool effectively.

Moreover, Hayward should come up in any way to raise and lower the appliance into the pool beside from its power cord. Apart from the heaviness of the machine, the line can wear if it’s regularly done.



  • Energy efficient
  • Simple access filter cartridges
  • The incorporated quick clean technology scours most shape and size of pools in more or less 90 minutes.
  • Runs separately from pool’s pump and filter system. Thus, can help you save money
  • No tools nor hose attachments needed.
  • Has the power to clean a pool irrespective of its type and size.


  • Heavy
  • Has very limited climbing ability
  • Has to struggle on picking up large debris such as leaves and the like.
  • Manually lifting the machine from the pool using power cords.


The Hayward SharkVac is a robotic pool cleaner that works on in ground pool. It’s incredibly beyond reaching for someone looking for a better-than-average robot.

This robot has limited capability such as climbing walls, thus technically, only the pools floor will be kept clean. Nonetheless, despite its downside, a lot of users find it to be very effective and a good choice to buy especially when money matters.

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