Hayward SharkVac XL REVIEW

Hayward SharkVac XL with Caddy

The SharkVAC XL of Hayward is the latest innovation of TigerShark family of in-ground swimming pool cleaners. This robotic cleaner claims to be the most resilient yet gentle automatic pool cleaner that is able to operate on pools irrespective of the surface types.


This pool cleaner turns out to be one of the most energy efficient machine as its consumption would only be compared to that of a light bulb. Apart from that, it comes with Caddy cart for easy handling and storage of cleaner.

What makes the “XL” in SharkVac XL?

This version of SharcVax has extra cool features added. One of the great features added to this robotic cleaner is its low-profile design and easy top-access cartridge filters.

You are no longer needed to turn the cleaner upside down or hassle with large, heavy and messy bags due to its unique access debris chamber and authentic filtration cartridge technique.

On top of that, this machine is incorporated with two filters having fine pores for better polishing. These filters can easily be cleaned by simply using your garden hose.

The SharkVac XL has also the power to determine the size of your pool, gratitude to our modern technology! The cleaner will program itself to ascertain the best and most possible ways to scour and polish your pool.

This machine is as well integrated with two sensors that would increase the safety and durability of your vacuum.

  • The first sensor, the so-called “out of the water” sensor will help your machine discern from running out of the water, thus, this will prevent your vacuum motor from burning out when not submerged into the pool.
  • The second sensor, also called beach entry” sensor, will help the machine to determine when the vacuum has climbed over the water level, thus the machine would automatically turn around and move back into the water.

As mentioned above, this machine will only use 94% less energy than most pressure cleaners required and take note, this energy consumption would only be compared to that of a light bulb.

Furthermore, it can help you save money by running the machine separately from the pool’s pump and filter system.


  • Energy efficient
  • Cleans all types of residential pool surfaces such as gunite, vinyl or fiberglass.
  • Has two sensors for safety and durability of the machine.
  • Easy top-access of cartridge filters for quick removal of debris and easy clean up.
  • It has an incorporated technology that helps the device to program itself in order to provide an optimal cleaning job.
  • 2 years warranty


  • Excessive debris is usually caught between the filter and its housing causing struggle to remove the filter out.
  • SharkVac XL has been known to get stuck behind the stairs causing the machine to shut off instead of freeing itself and move along.
  • Its cleaning cycle is 3 hours however it flips back right side up every few minutes so you have to watch the cleaner full time.
  • Had difficulty on climbing walls and climb pool steps.
  • Cords get tangled from time to time


I don’t make the decision for you. At the very end, it would always still be up to your own discretion as to how things should meet your own standards and factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a cleaner that cleanses pool surfaces regardless of its type, I would recommend this machine. In fact, the only drawback with this is its incapability of climbing walls which for me is a minor hiccup compared to what it can actually do.

You don’t have to worry about an increase in your electric bills since it will only consume 94% less of your energy!