Hayward TigerShark QC REVIEW

Hayward TigerShark QC

Hayward TigerShark QC







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  • Reduces time
  • Works independently from the filter
  • Automatic shut off
  • Scanning capability
  • Easy to use


  • Remote Control and Caddy bought separately
  • Cartridge should be cleansed immediately
  • Doesn't climb walls on quick cleaning cycle setting
  • Needs proper maneuver
  • Cables prone to tangles


Hayward Tigershark QC is the greatest technologically high-quality robotic pool vacuum cleaner when it comes to suction or pressure model. Its vacuum is the original robotic cleaner design from AquaVac.

The Hayward Tigershark QC is as well as an investment mounted with Intelligent technology that sanction customers to effectively polish and clean their swimming pools in the shortest possible time. This technology has the same features of Hayward Tigershark, the only thing that differs is the 2016 updated design.

To speak for the name itself, QC means Quick Clean. And, oh boy, does it deliver!

What I Love about TigerShark QC

Hayward Tigershark QC rpc

Reduces time

The Hayward Tigershark QC is a plug-and-play monster machine. You plug it and turn it on and place it in your pool and let the robotic vacuum play. That easy! Instead of consuming much of your time cleaning the entire surface of the pool, let the cleaner do its job on your behalf.

Works independently from the filter

Filters are generally a costly item to replace with regards to pools, so if the vacuum is working separately from your filters, then good. This helps you prolong the life of the filter.

Comes with 2 settings

The device has two cleaning programs: the standard cleaning cycle which will clean your pool around 3 hours, and the 90 minutes quick clean when time matters or what not.

Scanning power

The device has the power to reckon the best cleaning pattern to cover the entire pool incorporating the sides and the bottom down to the line of tiles. That having been said, the cleaner calculates everything about your pool that permits the device to program an energy and time efficient pattern to achieve an immaculate pool.

Easy to use

This cleaner is very easy to use and operate. You just simply take it out from the box and plug it in. No other tools required to get this monster working. Moreover, it has a convenient automatic shut off so you can run the device without having the worry to switch it off.

Cleans walls, floors, and stairs ­

In contrast to other pool cleaners, this machine has the capability to effortlessly climb the wall in both the deep end and shallow end. Furthermore, it has a sensor that will notify the cleaner when it’s out of the water.


  • Energy and time efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically shuts off after a three-hour cycle.
  • Easy to use by simply removing it out from the box, plug it and play! No extra tools necessary for its operation.
  • Scanning capability for optimal cleaning result.
  • 3 years warranty


  • This device does not come with remote and caddy. Thus if you need one, it might cost you extra dollars.
  • The cartridge should be cleansed right after every use or else it will not function well.
  • When the device is set to quick cleaning cycle, it does not climb walls.
  • Customer reviews say this machine stays most of its time in the deep end of the pool, thus, the automatic system is not effective. To solve this, a remote control is required which is an additional expense.
  • Cables are prone to tangles.


The Hayward TigerShark QC robotic pool cleaner with quick clean technology is an excellent device, efficient of saving not only your pool but your time as well.

It comes with great features however, not all things are created perfect. The cartridge should be clean right after every use which can be a slight hassle, but these cartridge filters are not difficult to clean at all.

Another drawback is with regards to the cable which tangles up. Solution for this is to lock the handle in the opposite position so the cable gets untangled while the cleaner is in operation.

Overall, this device only had minor issues which are solvable. If you have an in-ground pool and want to keep it regularly clean, then this would be a perfect investment. As I have said, nothing is perfect, but Hayward TigerShark QC is created with the best. So take the plunge and own one!


  1. John-Paul Pasinato says:

    Is it still ok to run the aqua vac qc in colder water?? I’m running it now in November because I’m getting work done in my back yard and still haven’t been able to put my safety cover in but trying to keep water debris free fir now.

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