Hayward TigerShark REVIEW


Hayward TigerShark is a robotic pool vacuum that integrates quick clean technology permitting flawless pool cleaning with very little work on your behest.

This robotic cleaner does not need any extra equipment, unlike any other traditional cleaners. What is even appreciable in this device is that they are separated from the pool filter system so clogging will never be an issue. It may be a little too pricey but rest assured it will perform its duty well.

What is Hayward TigerShark Roaring for?

Hayward Tiger Shark, the same with the products created with Hayward is one of the most efficient energy savers while maintaining the ability to clean the entire surface of your pool.

They only consume energy the same with that of a standard light bulb. Thus, it can help you save up to 94% of energy.

It’s cleaning pattern is so efficient. It covers the entire pool encompassing the bottom and sides all the way down the tile line.

This useful little monster is just very simple and easy to use since there is no additional tools necessary, all you have to do is take it out from the box, plug it in, and let the tigershark do the work.

What is even greater about this product is its capability of scanning your pool to ascertain its size and shape for optimal performance.

On top of that, another great feature incorporated into this device are its portable brushes and scrubs. It can climb walls of your pool providing a more effective cleaning, sweeping all unnecessary debris away from your pool like a real tigershark.

Last but not the least, the cleaning cycle of this appliance will predominantly take about 3 hours depending on the size of your pool. Furthermore, this cleaner utilizes an easy to clean reinforced cartridge filter to strain debris down to 5 microns for exceptional water clarity and extended durability.


  • Easy to operate and use. Just simply remove it from the box, plug it in. No other tools needed.
  • One of the most efficient energy saver
  • It automatically shuts off at the end of its three-hour cleaning cycle.
  • Recommended for pool up to 20 x40.
  • reinforced cartridge is easy to clean. Just remove and rinse it with the use of a garden hose.


  • Heavy
  • Debris falls out of the pool cleaner while removing it from the water. But it would be a best practice to standby a net to catch debris just in case things fall out.


I can really see that Hayward Tiger Shark has a lot of great features. From being an energy saver down to easy clean cartridge filter, it is undoubtedly keeping the machine remain to be one of the best robotic pool cleaners. Most users do not experience any super complicated issues and users that are over the warranty are still not worried since parts are easy to find if needed.

Altogether, everything I see about Hayward Tiger Shark is positive. So if you wish to see the result yourself, why not venture into it.

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