Dolphin Nautilus Plus REVIEW

Dolphin Nautilus PLUS

Dolphin Nautilus Plus is an upgraded, enhanced, and simply put, better version of Dolphin Nautilus. It has the same attributes as the Nautilus, however, PLUS, from the name itself, has more upgrades that make it a cooler choice for pool owners.

It is integrated with IntelliScan technology that scans and inspects the overall capacity of your pool to ascertain the most operative path for the cleaner to do the entire sanitary job.

Moreover, this device is light and easy to use with extraordinary performance. It has features that no other robotic cleaner market can offer.


What Makes Dolphin Nautilus Plus Stand Out?


Nautilus Plus has a plug and play system which makes it easy for the users to utilize the device. No installation or pre-installation is necessary. Just merely connect the wire to the robot pool cleaner and the power outlet at the other end, then it’s good to go!

This pool cleaner uses two distinct cartridges to split fine debris from large ones. Fine debris uses pleated polyester, while large debris undergoes net screen. This way, this will permit its users to select the type of cartridge that they want to use.

This appliance, as mentioned comes with IntelliScan technology which provides cleaning job on its optimum. It scans and reviews the dimension of the pool which will definitely help the robotic cleaner to determine its operative path.

Into the bargain, as the device is in its operation, its incorporated swivel will ensure that the cables will stay free and clear permitting the robotic cleaner to completely scrubbed the pool.

The Dolphin Nautilus Plus comes with parts that are easy to fix. This means that almost all units of this device is just within reach and are standardized for users to easily find replacements. Thus, no more repair services.

Furthermore, Dolphin Nautilus plus can make a 3-point turn making it easier and quicker for the cleaner to complete its cleaning pathways.



  • Energy efficient and eco-friendly
  • Have two different cartridges that separate fine and large debris
  • It comes with IntelliScan technology that scans the coverage of the pool for effective cleaning.
  • It has patented swivel that desists the cable from entwining.
  • 24 months’ warranty
  • no installations needed, just plug and play!


This product does not have a much major drawback. The only disadvantage that this product

has is its heaviness when taken out from the pool. Just the same problem with almost all of the robotic cleaners when it comes to removing it from the water.


Maytronics is in the cleaning industry for 25 years, for that they have become an expert in perfecting robotic pool cleaners. As generation becomes more and more advanced, Maytronic’s Dolphin strives to progress their robotic cleaner.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus, being known as the big brother of Dolphin Nautilus is one of their greatest achievements and it is just exceptionally amazing!

From having its own handle, down to its do it your own installation, this robotic cleaner is undoubtedly an edge unlike any other robotic cleaner. With exceptional performance at an affordable price, what more can you ask for?