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Dolphin Nautilus

Dolphin Nautilus







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  • Easy-to-clean cartridge filter
  • Swivel cable helps prevent tangling
  • Self-programmed for optimal pool scanning
  • Eco-friendly device
  • Inaudible cleaning


  • A little bit heavy to pull from pool
  • No handle
  • Automatically shuts down when the filter is full

Dolphin Nautilus is a robotic pool cleaner developed by Maytronics. It is patterned for scouring and vacuuming the floor, walls and waterline of most ground pools. It has an extraordinary tool that does accurately what it is designed for. Moreover, this device is an easy to use robotic pool cleaner with outstanding performance at a very reasonable price.

How Dolphin Nautilus Stand Out from Competition?

It has no filter bag, however it possesses an easy-to-clean cartridge filter with spring clean up filter included. This device filters the pool water while collecting debris in their self-contained filters.

Just plug it and play. No pre-installation needed, no connections to the pool system as well. Self programmed for a top notch pool scanning!

It cleans any kind of pool regardless of its shape, size or texture without having to do manual labor during cleaning. It is assembled for in-ground pools that do not go beyond 50 feet in length.

Its brush system scours the pool surface to impede algae and bacteria growth. It has a 60 feet long power cord having a unique cable which helps to keep the cable free from intertwining around itself.


Does it have any warranty?

Yes it has! The Dolphin Nautilus delivers with a one (1) year warranty of spare parts and labor.  Nevertheless, its warranty is only valid for online purchases and the warranty is merely applicable only to the country in which the pool cleaner was procured.


  • The number one edge of this device among other robotic pool cleaners is that it’s inexpensive, very easy to use and reliable.
  • This device is incorporated with a dual drive motors and power scrub brush that dispense an amazing cleaning and coverage regardless of the shape, angles and obstructions.
  • It comes assembled which means it is ready to use once you get it out of the box.
  • It cleans the pool inaudibly.
  • Worry-free robotic cleaner since it climbs walls, bottom of pools, and pool stairs cleaning all the dirt and debris.
  • It’s an eco-friendly device which is purposely made to contribute energy and water saving.
  • Power supply automatically shuts off the pool cleaner after 3 hours of operating.



  • This appliance can be a little heavy to pull out from the pool.
  • Big debris might get jammed in the vacuum intakes preventing the pool cleaner to operate.
  • The major disadvantage of this device is that it has no handle. It may be lightweight but it’s difficult to take things out in the pool without a handle.
  • Another drawback of this tool is that it automatically shuts down when the filter is full. This means that every time filtration is full, you have to take the machine out in the water, clean the filter and restart the motor.


Dolphin Nautilus robotic pool cleaner will definitely make your pool chores vanish by its absolute excellence. It brings out what it promises and it can be operated as easy as you least expect it. On top of that, most robotic pool cleaners are more expensive, so you definitely get more than what you pay for. Who knows, Dolphin Nautilus could be your best bud!

Dolphin Nautilus

Key Features & Performance
Dolphin Features:
Scrubs, vacuums and filters all pool surfaces in just 3 hours.
Easy-to-clean cartridge filter with spring clean up filter included!
Patented swivel cable helps prevent tangling
Incredibly efficient – costs less than 15 cents to clean the pool.
Plug-n-play! No pre-installation needed, no connections to pool system.
Self-programmed for optimal pool scanning.
Orion Specifications:
Cycle time: 3 hours
Cable length: 60 ft.
Filter: Fine porosity
Suction rate: 4,233 gal (USA) per hour
Unit weight: 18.75 lbs.
Part: Number 99996323
DIY: Yes
Filter Type: Cartridge, Bag Kit Available
Scrubs Tile Line: No
Climbs: Yes
Remote: None
Weekly Timer: No
Full Filter Indicator: No
Delayed Start: No
Caddy: No
Filter Access: Bottom
Cable Length: 60 ft
Cycle Time: 3 hours
Warranty: 12 Month Spare Parts and Labor
Suction Rate: 4,233 gal/hr


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