Dolphin Triton Plus with Caddy

Dolphin Triton Plus

Dolphin Triton Plus is a big brother to Triton. They have the same great features that users love; however, Triton Plus has several upgrades to optimize its cleaning performance. If Triton had made its way to being one of the best robotic pool cleaners, what more can you imagine for Dolphin Triton Plus!

Maytronics has done it again. Triton Plus combines the ability of a commercial cleaner for the residential pool owner. Just the way people would want to have a single robotic cleaner.

What Makes Dolphin Triton Plus Exceptional?

The Dolphin Triton Plus is an advanced appliance that has the power to clean pools up to 50 feet in length. It is likewise equipped with IntelliScan Technology that ascertains the best route for the robotic cleaner to use regardless of the shape and size of the pool. This works just like a GPS, commanding the cleaner a more efficient and organized course to take to clean the pool.

It has 2 cleaning cycle modes: 1 hour and 2.5 hours. You can run your cleaner on the standard cleaning hour which is the 2.5 or just go with 1 hour rapid-clean for convenience when time is quite the factor.

Aside from the cleaning cycles modes, this cleaner has a WEEKLY TIMER CYCLES, which gives you an option to clean every 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours for 3 consecutive cycles. This means that you can just leave your machine into your pool, schedule its cleaning time and let the machine do its work.

This machine works completely individually from the swimming pool’s pump and filter system, permitting it to scour and clean the pool using a tiny amount of the energy cost essential by other robotic pool cleaning systems.

In addition, the cleaner has an all surface PVC bristle brush and climbing rings guaranteeing a cleaner and polished pool irrespective of its type and size.

The Triton Plus also features a convenient top-load cartridge filter system that is easy to detach and clean. It has 2 sets of cartridges: the standard and the spring clean up filters.

Standard cartridge filters are capable of gathering fine and small debris, while the spring clean up are for larger debris.

Furthermore, the machine has a full cartridge indicator.

What does this do? This fascinating feature will let you know as to when you need to clean your cartridges and it will let you know that the cleaner will not work due to clogged, dirty filter. So when the light comes on, then it’s time to clean the filter.


  • Incorporated with dual drive motors with split brushes.
  • 2 sets of cartridges that separates fine and small debris from larger ones.
  • 2 cleaning cycles – an hour for a quicker one when time is essential or 2.5 hours when a thorough cleaning is needed.
  • Caddy is included for convenience and portability.
  • Full cartridge indicator
  • Weekly Self-timer
  • A direct 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • It weighs 22 lb. so it’s a little heavy but its anticipated as the machine is more advanced, Thus, a little larger than Triton giving it a bigger cleaning surface.
  • It’s a bit pricey however it may be worth the venture.

If you have any problem with Dolphin Triton Plus, you can check out Dolphin’s Troubelshooting Guide. These are easy solutions for you to manage and handle in times of trouble.


Reading with a lot of reviews from consumers, I would say this machine is superb!

It is heavy, yes, but that’s just a minor inconvenience for what this helper monster can do.

Expensive? Let’s just say, you get what you are paying for.

It may worth a venture and you might want to see it for yourself on how this machine could help you big time. So if you wish to invest in a robotic pool cleaner, I would highly recommend this closer-to-perfection machine. It just has all the good features that a robotic cleaner is required to have. All in one machine, I should say!

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