Dolphin Triton

Dolphin Triton

Dolphin Triton is one of the Maytronic’s exclusive line of the pool cleaner. This has been so far the best among the line up. It is fully featured having all the best features from Dolphin Nautilus with extra spice of exceptional upgrades.

The Dolphin Triton, same with nautilus, is very accessible with plug and play technology. By merely plugging the device in, push the start button and it’s good to go!

What Makes Dolphin Triton Stand Out?

The Dolphin Triton comprises of split brushes and dual drive motor that consequently generates better maneuverability and scrubbing performance. The dual drive is capable of making the cleaner turn 90 degrees, so the cleaning coverage is at its optimum.

On the other hand, the split brushes loosen up debris from the floor for better suction and filtration making the robot a phenomenal robotic pool cleaner.

The appliance has its own cartridge filter system with spring clean option for fast and easy cleaning performance. Moreover, the machine also has a swivel cable for impeding cords from tangling and a caddy for portability bringing the cleaner easy from one place to another.

The robotic cleaner also comes with “easy fix” modular parts that enable customers to easily remove, find and replace the component without needing professional services to install the units. So less professional repair, less expense. Agree?

On top of that, the machine integrates a full bag indicator light which will give signal through a light when the cleaner needs to stop from working. Anytime the light is on, the machine should be stopped and should clean the bag prior to letting it work again.


Dolphin Triton also has a remote control that does not only control the robot but optimizes performance by permitting its customer to access additional functions such as quick mode and touch navigation. Generally, cleaning cycle would until be 3 hours, but putting the option into quick mode would make its cleaning cycle for only an hour. Just to set an expectation, a remote control is not a part of the package. If you want it, you will have to order it separately.


  • Easy to set up, just plug it and let it dance underwater.
  • Has a patented swivel for preventing the cables to jumble.
  • Has its own cartridge together with spring clean option for easy to clean performance.
  • Has a caddy for portability and remote control for additional functions of the machine.
  • 2 years warranty on spare parts and labor.


  • The surface area of the cartridge filter is slightly small, making it vulnerable to clogging. So, whenever you have large debris in the pool, cleaning the filter may be necessary every after run.


As you can see, all features of dolphin nautilus are also possessed by Dolphin Triton, only that Triton has more of upgrades. It has its own pump and filter system and a caddy for mobility.

Of course, as expected, it would really be costly having this kind of features. Nothing is perfect, but at least this machine is making it close to perfect. The only drawback that I can see in this device is the incapability of its cartridge filters to collect more dirt and debris compared to ordinary filter bags.

Comparing it to other robotic pool cleaners, this belongs to one of the best cleaners. It may be a little pricey but it will all be worth the plunge. I have read a lot of positive feedbacks regarding this appliance so why not take a chance and prove it for yourself too?