Polaris 9450 Sport 4WD REVIEW

Polaris 9450 Sport 4WD

Polaris 9450 Sport 4WD







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This pretty cool robot assembles to be more like a remote car and will surely be loved especially by men who loves playing with their big toys. The Polaris 9450 not only has new cool features, but also it’s one of the most convenient cleaners by Polaris that provides excellent service in the market today. We will review the reasons why this device is a must-have and we will also explain the downsides to this machine.

Polaris 9450 Sport will surely be loved by those people who love four wheel toys! This is a new type of cleaner that provides better cleaning of the debris in the pool. This cleaner brings cleaning to the next level with upgraded features including activMotion sensor.

Into the bargain, this robotic cleaner is purposely constructed based on the energy saving idea. It can reduce energy consumption up to 90%, considerably mitigating operating cost. By the same token, Polaris 9450 Sport is one of the best pool cleaners out in the market, specifically because of its incorporated new technologies, it utilizes to collect debris regardless of its kind, size, and shape.

Polaris 9450 Sport 4WD


1. ACTIVMOTION SENSOR. This feature uses an accelerometer that speeds up the cleaning process of the machine. Apart from that, it controls the robot’s movement and position at all time, allowing thorough and complete cleaning coverage without any skips.

This is nearly an indispensable feature of Polaris 9450 Sport. The primary function of this sensor is to administer the position of the robot and making sure that the robot does its job properly. Per se, you no longer have to keep on fixing the robot’s settings in the event that the machine gets stuck in the middle of your pool due to any physical obstacles.

In addition, the activmotion uses an accelerometer that likewise measure force to ascertain 3D position including deep, shallow, horizontal or vertical and adjust the pool cleaner for maximal cleaning action.

2. TRAJECTORY CORRECTOR AND 3D SENSOR. Polaris 9450 mitigates the risk of the machine’s cable from tangling up. Other than that, combined with the activmotion sensor feature, the machine offers an excellent cleaning experience.

3. VORTEX VACUUM TECHNOLOGY. This is purposely incorporated to progress the cleaner’s cleaning capability so it does not miss any area that needs to be polished and brushed.

4. AQUA VAC TIRES. This enables the robotic pool cleaner to provide an extraordinary cleaning power without losing suction and can assist the machine to climb over obstacles without being able to be baffled.

5. UNIVERSAL. The machine can work efficiently and effectively on all types of pool surfaces. It obediently scrubs the pool floor, walls, and tile lines because of its pleated scrubbing brush.

6. 7 DAY PROGRAM. The robot has a built in timer which is very useful especially to busy users. You can simply set the cleaner, put it in the water and leave it in the pool even for a full week.

To give you maximum relaxation and worry-free cleaning, simply put Polaris 9450 in the water and leave it even for 7 full days. On top of that, it comes with a lot of different cleaning cycles so you have more flexible options when it comes to cleaning the pool.

7. LIGHTWEIGHT. Because this device is small and light, moving the appliance from one place to another is not a major problem. At only 16 pounds, it would be a lot lighter compared to that other robotic pool cleaner.

8. NOISE AND ENERGY EFFICIENT. The powerful machine works so quietly like a school girl in a library, compared to other high suction power cleaners. Moreover, these machine comprises of great features that are purposely designed to help you attain good results in just a short period of time, thus when it finishes as early as possible, it would help you cut down your energy consumption.

9. 4 WHEEL DRIVE Polaris 9450 gives more efficient and more effective treatment of the pool. This can maneuver wheel on obstacles, enhances friction on any type of surfaces and quick cleaning.


We know you will love these qualities:

• 7-day program timer which allows you to set the cleaner even for full 7 days.
• Weighs 16 pounds only
• Top access filter canister for accessible cleaning
• Energy efficient
• Able to collect larger debris
• Can clean any type of pool up to 50 feet in length
• Integrated with activmotion sensor which dominates the position of the robotic pool cleaner
• 2-year limited warranty


These attributes, not so much:

• Above average cost
• Unable to fully climb on walls


Polaris 9450 SPORT provides an excellent performance. The cleaner is efficient and effective at clearing debris irrespective of its size and type from the wall down to the floor. Although on certain circumstances, the robot struggles due to its weight and would struggle worse when the canister is full of dirt. Moreover, it’s very expensive, but if you invest to it, it would only be just a one-time big-time venture.

Despite that drawback, people still look forward to what it can benefit them. So if you wish to own an advanced robotic pool cleaner, this automated, user-friendly machine is what you are looking for!

The performance of the machine is very straightforward. Remember that this machine has great features that you can fully rely on. You can also check the earlier version, Polaris 9400 Sport 4WD.

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