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5 Major Steps Before Choosing a Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Pools have different standards and needs. It is important for pool owners to determine the best robotic pool cleaner that is appropriate for their pools. Make sure to follow these simple but important steps before choosing a robotic pool cleaner.

Let’s face it, RPC’s are not cheap. Even if you have the budget to purchase it, make the most out of your money by choosing the right robotic pool cleaner that is just perfect for your pool.

choosing a robotic pool cleaner

1. Determine what type of pool you have.

There are two types of pools basing on how it is built.

First is the above ground pool. These are pools that can be assembled by the pool owners themselves. Most of the above ground pools are simple in size and shape and they are likely for family use only. Choose a robotic pool cleaner that caters to the needs of aboveground pools.

Second is the inground pool.  This type is more concrete and it has a solid foundation. They are built by digging up the ground and forming the pool within it. If you have an inground pool, choosing a robotic pool cleaner that specializes to this type would be ideal.

It is easier to find an RPC for above ground pools because there are only few available in the market to choose from. If you have an inground pool, plenty of other factors are needed to be considered.

2. Determine the purpose of your pool.

Is your pool for residential use or for commercial use?  It is relevant to understand for which type of pool your robotic pool cleaner will work on.

When you have a family backyard pool, a residential robotic pool cleaner can do the trick. If you are managing a swimming complex or water theme parks, make certain that you are choosing a robotic pool cleaner that are cordless which could cover a vast diameter and space for a long period of time.

3. Determine the volume and size of falling debris on your pool.

If your pool is surrounded by trees, you probably have plenty of falling leaves that floats on your pool. Or debris such as twigs, acorns, or flowers that are lying on the pool bed especially in fall seasons.

Choose a robotic pool cleaner that not only collects debris underwater, but also rises to the surface of the pool to clean up floating leaves.

If you only worry about the floating debris, choose a robotic pool cleaner that will only run along the pool surface, but has no capability of cleaning the pool bed. A popular brand to consider is Solar-Breeze.

There are robotic pool cleaners that have huge filter bags to fill up more debris, and some pool cleaners that can suck up larger-than-usual debris.

4. Determine the elements and dimensions of your pool.

Does your pool have multiple steps, inclines, and slopes? Choose a robotic pool cleaner that has the ability to climb steps and inclines.

A lot of robotic cleaners don’t clean on difficult corners or don’t climb steps. Make sure to avoid these robots if your pool has too many corners and steps.

There are also types that can climb walls vertically. If you have an above-ground pool, then this type is not for you. Make sure that your pool walls are sturdy enough for the machine to suck up to.

5. Determine the bottom surface of your pool. 

Is your pool floor flat, irregular, or rocky? Determining what type of pool floor you have is an important factor in choosing a robotic pool cleaner. There are RPCs that have the capability of cleaning even in non-flat pool floors.

Is your pool floor made of tiles, vinyl, or fiberglass? Make sure to investigate first if certain robotic cleaners are compatible or non-compatible to certain types of pool floors. Usually, it doesn’t matter but in some cases, there are robotic cleaners who don’t operate in glass.

What Choosing a Robotic Pool Cleaner Means

Before making the purchase, it is imperative to study the item first to make certain that what you are going to buy is perfect for your pool. Careful and meticulous inspection, research, and pool assessment is needed in choosing the right pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners are created differently and so is your pool. Your pool has unique wants and needs. That is the reason it is important- stress on important– to assess these needs first before choosing a robotic pool cleaner.

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