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Find Out Why Swimming Help Lose Weight

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When one thinks about shedding weight or getting fit, swimming is typically not the first workout that comes to mind. Usually, going to the gym or jogging is the go to work out for most people. This train of thought is to be expected as most of us make the choices with a strong consideration on convenience. You would think, can swimming help lose weight?

Isn’t it very convenient to just lace them shoes up and go jog on wherever track you desire? Also, these activities go with the trend & tradition thus, most are inclined towards them. However, when one seeks to get fit or lose weight, swimming shouldn’t be shunned as it is a great addition on that list of yours of potential workouts to crush them goals.

Swimming help lose weight

Why Does Swimming Help Lose Weight?                 

When swimming is introduced as a possible path towards the goal of losing weight, one may question if “does it really work?”. Typically, we don’t delve that much and care to analyze the physical mechanics of swimming to know that it actually works.

What’s amazing about swimming is that it is a total-body routine compared to other work outs available. Among some of the body areas it tackles comprise the muscles of your core, the arms, legs, back and even your glutes. You don’t even have to lift a single weight anymore in order to target these different areas.

While it does strengthen and make your body fit, it actually does no harm too. Water simply just counteracts the concept of gravity thus rendering you in a state of weightlessness while swimming. Now, this can have a lot of implications physically since your risks of contracting injuries just took a very substantial plunge close to nil.

You can simply swim now without even risking an injury. All thanks to buoyancy! However, you won’t be singing the same tune when it comes to running, cycling or weight lifting.

A Good Change of Environment from the Gym

Another thing about swimming is that it is excellent for cross-training. Instead of going to your usual rigorous training regimen, you can simply change it up for a session in the pool. Now isn’t that great? This way, by the time you go back to your usual gym sessions, you are bound to feel fresh and in sync with your body as you go in for another rigorous session.

Also, if you are recovering from an injury and don’t want to miss a session, swimming help lose weight as an exceptional alternative for some of those exercises as you try to work your body back into tip-top shape. It’s a great way to recover while keeping yourself in shape since you aren’t putting that much strain on the injury.

Astoundingly, swimming does not require you to break a sweat. Unlike running or weight lifting wherein you begin to sweat as you heat up, you don’t sweat since your body temperature is always regulated by the water. Sounds a bit more refreshing doesn’t it? You may not be sweating but it doesn’t mean you aren’t burning those calories on them strokes. You’re just simply doing it more finesse and less grit.

Swimming is the Best Cardio Exercise

Swimming is also considered as the ultimate cardio exercise. Why? You may think that running and cycling can be more demanding physically. However, cardio wise no activity requires you to control and adjust your breathing more than swimming.

In fact, so much more than you could manage in running and cycling. This is because as you submerge your head into the water, you have to hold your breath then as you resurface at set interval, you then take a breath in. Thus, this makes your muscles work harder since the oxygen demand from your body increases. Through this process, swimming help lose weight and it simply just maximizes your cardio pretty well.

Burn Those Calories Underwater!

Lastly, you can control the pace in swimming quite very well. If you want moderate breezy swimming for an hour, swim on! And boom, 500 calories just went down the drain. Rev it up a bit and bam! The calories you burned just skyrocketed up to 700.

What’s great is you can even add up some variations other than those strokes to burn more calories. If you want to kick or pull, just go ahead. Swimming just simply puts you in a prime position to decide how much calories you want to burn.

Just keep it in mind that burning more calories than the amount you gain is the key to weight loss. So there you have it folks; if you truly want it, go swim for it!

Health Benefits of Swimming

Health Benefits of Swimming


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