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What are the Parts of a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

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To fully understand how robotic pool cleaners work and how to use them, we must get familiarized with its parts. We don’t need to know the tiniest of bolts or the smallest of detail parts, all we need to get to know is the basic important parts of a robotic pool cleaner.


Every brand of robotic pool cleaner has different features and specialties.  Each provides unique service to various needs of every pool. That is why it is only expected that in different types or brands of an RPC, we could find similar parts that may differ to each other.

For example, a Dolphin Deluxe 4 uses a filter bag while a Polaris 9300 uses a filter canister. Both the filter bag and the canister filter function as the area which the debris are being stacked after it has been sucked/brushed in by the robotic pool cleaner.

Some parts of an RPC are even missing in certain types. Just take a look at Dolphin Supreme M5 Liberty. It has a special feature of having no cords.  Its cordless characteristic gives it an advantage against RPCs with long cords such as Zodiac V3 4WD.


Basic Parts:

Filter Bag
Brushes and Tracks
Filter Cartridges
Power Supply
Cables/ Cord



Control Panel
Remote control
PVC Bristle brushes

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