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Do You Really Need a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

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Do I Really Need a Robotic Pool Cleaner?When can you say that you really need a machine to help you manage your pool sanitation? Can you still clean your pool on your own without any external help? When is the best time to decide that you really need a robotic pool cleaner?

Let’s face it. Robotic pool cleaners are not cheap. It can be a little too pricey. That is why, even if this website promotes robotic pool cleaners, we still want to ensure the best for our valued readers. Your interest comes first before anything else.

So before you pull out your credit card, here are questions you need to answer first.

  1. Are you alone in cleaning your pool?

It is difficult to do all the household chores alone, not to mention cleaning the pool. If there are more people lending hands, it would be easier to complete the task and it wouldn’t be as exhausting.

If you are a family person, ask your husband/wife and children to help you clean the pool. It would also make a great bonding moment for the family. Set up a date for the family to gather at least twice a month for the general pool cleaning.

If you don’t have pool cleaning buddies, then you must already be worn out from all the demanding tasks. Not to mention, you will get frustrated easily if your pool needs attention every week. By this time, it would be a necessity to find a new reliable partner in the form of a  robotic pool cleaner.

  1. Are you spending way too much on pool cleaning services?

Pool cleaning services provide pool repairs, chemical balancing, and general pool cleaning services.

Something to think about: is spending on pool cleaning services worth for your money?

Try observing what the pool guys do during the service. Skimming debris, scrubbing and brushing walls, backwashing pool filters. Can you do it yourself, or do you really need someone else to do it for you?

True, it is very convenient to just hire someone to clean the pool for you, especially if you have the budget.

The price range depends on the company or the area you belong to. For metropolitan cities, the base charges will reach around $500 a month on 4 visits. There are also companies which offer for as low as $70 a month, not bad eh?

However, there are times when you receive the monthly bill from pool cleaning companies and you would find out that there are extra hidden charges above from the flat rate you signed up for. Whether it be additional pool chemicals or spare parts used in fixing the drain systems.

If by this you are already thinking that you need a robotic pool cleaner that acts as your pool cleaning service would be worth your money more than that of paying monthly bills with additional charges from pool companies, then it would be the time to consider a robotic pool cleaner.

  1. Is your suction/pressure automatic pool cleaner giving you a hard time?

Do you have suction or pressure automatic pool cleaner for quite some time now? Although these are fantastic machines to help clean the pool for you, they are also not perfect especially if they do not meet your demand for your specific type of pool. Have you thought before that you need a robotic pool cleaner to replace all these?

One of the major issues concerning suction cleaners is that the hose can be quite a handful to deal with.

At most times, leaks can also go unnoticed. You will just wonder why your suction is not working well after checking the suction system, until you realize there are small leaks in the hose that prevents proper cleaning.

Some hose are also too short to reach certain parts of your pool. They get stuck in one spot. Although you can always fix this by extending it and moving to a different source, it would still be a hassle, right?

When your old auto pool cleaners are not giving you 100% quality service that your pool deserves, it might be best to switch to a more reliable pool cleaner.

  1. Are you managing a large swimming pool business?

From swimming pool complex to water themed parks, managing a pool business is a difficult task that requires strenuous efforts. Your huge business and high rate of customers demand and need a robotic pool cleaner.

Even your own pool staff would find it rigorous to maintain the sanitation of the pool. If you want sparkling blue water, the tiniest dirt should be scrubbed off from all areas of the pool including lines between tiles and corners. Human labor can only do as much. Employees get tired too and may provide lackluster performance.

That is why there are automatic pool cleaners to help your staff maintain the perfect pool for your business. There are things machines do that humans are not capable of, and vice versa.

Make your employees happy by giving them the best partner in pool cleaning. Robotic pool cleaners will do the trick.

You need a robotic pool cleaner if…

You need a robotic pool cleaner if you have answered YES in at least one of the four above mentioned questions, then it is time consider the most convenient way in pool maintenance. Say goodbye to your old habits and start saying YES to the future of pool cleaning: robotic pool cleaners.

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  1. I am looking for a pool cleaner for home use. Recently I have found some solar pool cleaner. I was wondering if they are powerful enough to deal with the 50ft (length) pool. What’s your suggestion?

    • Carlo says:

      Hi Jeffrey!

      Solar breeze robotic pool cleaner is a genius device that I would highly recommend for cleaning pool surfaces. All the debris, leaves, hair, and other floaters will be removed by this device.

      No cable, no hose, no cord is used and you don’t need remote control to maneuver it. For your concern about your 50ft length pool, this device can run until 24 hours (if it gets enough excess energy from the sun during the day) that you can just leave overnight for it to skim and study your entire pool. It’s an intelligent machine that works autonomously and independently without electric or manual intervention.

      Drawbacks for this pool cleaner is that it only cleans the surface and doesn’t dive down to floor and wall to wash it. Also, if your pool has complex design like stairs, ladders and lots of edges, the Solar breeze will take time to do what’s next and work around it.

      Overall, I would say a lot of other customers LOVE it and it’s definitely worth the price. For a pool as big as yours, having an electronic helper to clean the pool (it distributes sanitizer while cleaning to keep the pool hygienic and ready to use) and does the job 24 hours is a time and money saver.

      You can check prices of the solar breeze pool skimmer here and promotions too, warranty reaches up to 4 years!


      Thanks for the question Jeffrey 🙂

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