Dolphin Advantage Plus PRO Remote Control REVIEW

Dolphin Advantage Plus PRO RC

Dolphin Advantage Plus PRO RC is the new and more improved residential cleaner for 2013 with unrivaled cleaning performance and a smart set of features purposely designed to converge the modern sanitation techniques.

This machine provides pioneering robotic pool cleaning performance and reliability at a very reasonable price.

It’s designed with the class drive motor to improve maneuverability and an all-surface wall climbing brush to guarantee that your pool is scrubbed from top to bottom.

Furthermore, by the name itself, the appliance integrates remote control that permits its user to operate and control the device.

How Dolphin Advantage Plus Stand Out from Competition?

Dolphin Advantage Plus consists of powerful scrubbers and is patterned to clean all surfaces of the pool, including floors, walls, and coves.

It has an advanced scanning program for effective, efficient and optimal pool coverage. It’s one of the comparatively few that cleanses the pools waterline very well.

It also has a swivel to prevent the power cords from jumbling and a caddy system that is accessible for storage and mobility which can protect your cleaner for many years.

On top of that, the machine is also incorporated with a reusable, large mesh bag that is superb in gathering and catching great amount and very fine unnecessary debris that causes algae and bacteria.

The Dolphin Advantage Plus robotic pool cleaner has the power to rapidly clean the pool for just an HOUR and it also has a remote control function that allows you to administer the machine to spot locations for areas not caught by the pre-programmed sweeps. In addition, the remote is wireless offering a choice of manual or automatic commands.

The cleaner is suitable for in-ground pools with a length of up to 50 feet long and is safe for all surfaces. And also it comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • has a remote control that allows one to manually command the robotic cleaner
  • has a swivel that restrains cables and power cords from tangling
  • has caddy system for easy storage and portability
  • has a reusable mesh bag that collects large and very fine debris
  • it cleanses the pool just within an hour


  • Once the machine is operated to the deep end, it has the difficulty of getting out.
  • The machine cleans the pool well; however, water from the device is outflowing giving out a considerable amount of the gathered debris back into the pools.
  • Quite expensive
  • Cannot clean entire area


Maytronics has been in the sanitation industry constructing robotic cleaners for decades which makes them an expert with regards to automatic pool cleaners. Every dolphin device created is combined with modern robotics that manifests to achieve the world’s hygienic demand and approaches.

But again, not all things are perfect, there will always be disadvantages, and Advantage Plus is not an exception. The main drawback is when the remote control isn’t functioning, the pool cleaner depends so much on the RC that it is difficult to work without it.

There are lots of robotic pool cleaner that is designed to clean floors, walls and coves, however, not too many works as better as Dolphin Advantage Plus PRO RC. I know it’s pricey, but its way a lot cheaper than hiring pool laborers. The robot may provide incomplete work but I assure it will all be worth the dollar.

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