Kreepy Krauly Prowler 920 REVIEW

Kreepy Krauly Prowler 920

Kreepy Krauly Prowler 920







Water Mixing





  • Powerful Cleaning
  • Remove Debris Easily
  • Top-access Filtration
  • Designed For Convenience
  • Dual-filtration


  • Tires could precipitate stains
  • Heavy unit

Nowadays, almost everyone can afford to own a pool. However, not all has the time and energy to maintain proper pool hygiene. Pentair has come up with a high-end robotic product to meet the wide desire of customers- the Kreepy Krauly PROWLER 920.

It is one of the advanced products that offers perfect experience in cleaning your pool. One of the most famous techniques of maintaining the pools’ cleanliness is using robotic pool cleaners in order to meet and exceed the growing demand for high-quality robotic cleaners.

Prowler 920 has a wireless remote controller to help you administer the machine and a pre-programmed feature that would permit you to choose between two cleaning modes: one-hour cleaning for just the bottom and standard cleaning for complete coverage of your pool.

Features of Kreepy Krauly Prowler 920

The PROWLER 920 is echo friendly since its filtration system cleanses the water as it circulates chemicals rigorously all around the pool which decreases the required chemicals while refining the clarity of the pool at the same time.

Furthermore, its low-voltage operation mitigates energy consumption, thus helps you clean your pool for as little as 15 cents per cleaning.

This device can easily be regulated by remote control convenience and an automatic setting option to help you keep your pool dirt free and enticing. This enables the machine to clean your pool’s walls and surfaces at its best by utilizing the powerful combination of brush, scrub, vacuum and filter.

In addition, the cleaner is also totally independent of your swimming pool’s circulation system thereby giving you a plug-in convenience. So, no installation is required, nor pump, hoses or other tools. Simply plug it in and let it play around your pool.

PROWLER 920 also has a weekly timer which permits you to schedule your regular cleaning even when you are not at home. Moreover, this cleaner comes with a caddy for better transportation. Needless to say, but this machine provides excellent convenience for you and other pool owners!



  • Comes with a remote control allowing you to override its automatic cleaning modes.
  • Plug-in convenience, thus, no installation, hoses, nor booster pumps are required.
  • Comes with a built-in weekly timer that permits you to schedule your cleanings.
  • It has an indicator letting you know that the cleaner needs attending.
  • can vacuum all kinds of debris including algae’s.
  • cost 15 cents per cleaning
  • has an auto reverse which assists the cleaner to prevent hang-ups in corners and near and steps for continuous performance.


  • There is only one slight drawback of this robotic cleaner, tires could precipitate stains on the bottom of the pool.
  • Heavy unit


When it comes to maintaining your pools immaculate image, you will have a lot of options to choose from. If you want to maximize the benefit of your pool, there is no more suitable option by choosing the best. Kreepy Krauly PROWLER 920 is made by professionals of Pentair, there has been a lot of better products that are more expensive than this. If you were to ask me when it comes to extra convenience, I would suggest you try this unit. It may not be a perfect device, but rest assured you will surely appreciate this excellent robotic pool cleaner engineered to last for a couple of years.