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Pets in Pools: Hilarious or Hazardous?

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A Bond that Stood Through Time                                                                                

Animal companionship has been a concept that has existed since the early dawn of ancient civilization. Astoundingly, humans first made companions out of dogs from as early as 13,000 to 30,000 years ago. So one cannot disregard the deep bond that both species have formed ever since the dawn of evolution. One such activity of which is swimming with our pets in pools. From the early fundamental role as hunting partners, the role of dogs or pets in general have greatly evolved ever since and diversified into more complex social roles.

When we take things into perspective, this partnership between pets and humans is truly an excellent example of a bond that has stood the test time. So, when you find your pet dogs dog paddling or cats lovingly (or hating) swimming in the pool together with the family, you don’t simply have to find it that surprising anymore.

Instead, most of us may even think of it as hilarious and cute. Why wouldn’t we when the bond between both species has already reached an apex wherein, doing activities with pets becomes a delightful experience. It wouldn’t even be that shocking anymore to see videos of animals on social media such as tamed polar bears swimming together with their handlers on pools. We have simply reached a point in time that both species have learned to co-exist with one another. And we have found in the world wide web the perfect video for that:

Polar Bear Swimming in Pool

Pets in Pools- Hilarious?

dogs in poolsAs bathing in pools became one of humanity’s favorite pastimes, it was unavoidable that humanity’s companions would eventually follow suit with their masters. Some families have even developed a bond so deep nowadays that they have reserved a respective place for their pets into the family’s pool activities.

After all, some now consider pets as an integral part of the family. Thus, most of us have simply shifted our focus on the sentimental aspect of having our pets participate in pool activities instead of truly trying to deduce the situation.

I mean, isn’t it a sight to behold swimming and playing together with our pets in our own pools? Not only is it fun, it also furthers the bond shared between us humans and our respective pets. Even just watching the kids have fun with the pets during pool activities can be a pleasure.

Pets in Pools- Hazardous?

cats in poolsHowever, have we really pondered deep enough about the underlying ramifications of having pets in our pools? Are we really prepared to face the consequences? Leave it may as it is, thousands of Americans are afflicted with Recreational Water Illnesses year in and year out and this does not even take into consideration the pets that join us in our pool activities.

Remember that this figure only takes into account humans & the different environmental factors and we are already at the thousands. What if we add on our pets into the arithmetic? It seems that there is a strong possibility that the figures may yet rise to even higher markups. But why can we even think to propose such a thought on innocent fun?

No matter how hilarious or amusing the sight maybe, we cannot deny the fact that a dog alone is equivalent to at least three persons in the stuff they carry into the pool. Some may even argue that this figure may even reach as high as ten persons per dog.

Compared to humans, most of us are aware that hygiene is not a strong suit among pets unless if you follow a rigid regimen. Also, pets especially dogs like to go around outdoors wandering and tinkering around with what they find. Sometimes, even the well trained ones fall prey to this. It’s a known fact that dogs especially the one’s living outside carry more germs, insects, dirt & fecal material on their skin & hair than the usual. And oh, just like us humans they like to pee and poop too!

Now, why don’t you try visualizing every possible stuff a dog may carry as they hit the pool and it’s a completely different narrative by the time you’re done. Don’t most of us know where Recreational Water Illnesses come from? As we view the situation from a different light, we then are made aware that the risks are actually there and it can be quite actually hazardous for us too. Just imagine your family especially the children ingesting some of that murky water. Oh what grim possibilities lie in waiting for us.

The Verdict

Before we truly decide, let us take into consideration that humans aren’t the only ones affected in the narrative. Try also to think about the pool chemicals used to sanitize our pools and their effects on our pets. Aren’t we also harming our pets in the process by exposing them to potential irritants?

Just like very young swimmers, our pets may also take the liberty of sipping some of that chlorinated water head on. Isn’t chlorine harmful to the body when ingested directly? Indeed, harmful it is! We also have to be concerned that the health of our pets are also at stake here.

So if we really want to have our pets participate in pool activities and truly have fun, it’s much better to consult from expert opinion first regarding how your pool should be sanitized in order to minimize RWIs from affecting swimmers while at the same time, keeping our pets safe. Rather than going for a win for one side and a loss for the other, it’s much better to go for a win-win situation for both sides.

By consulting experts such as veterinarians while enlisting help from sanitation experts along with the utilization of the state of the art Robotic Pool Cleaners, we might just be able to set the conditions necessary in order to negotiate a win-win situation for both parties. Just remember that bringing pets in pools can both be a hilarious and hazardous experience at the same time. So, remember to plan and decide wisely!


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